irori dining irori dining
irori dining irori dining
irori dining irori dining

「ダイニングレストランIRORI」では、地元で採れた山の幸や清流で獲れた川魚など、鳥取の食材を使い、丁寧に調理した料理をご提供しています。また、地酒やクラフトビール、ワインなども鳥取県内のものを選りすぐり、料理との取り合わせをお愉しみいただけます。囲炉裏は、人が語らう団欒の場。しばし日常から離れ、囲炉裏を囲み、かつての里山暮らしに思いを馳せながらゆったりとした時間をお過ごしください。 In the "Dining restaurant IRORI", we serve carefully prepared cuisine made of such as river fish from clear stream and local vegetables in Tottori. In addition, local sake and craft beers, wine carefully selected around Tottori. IRORI is the place to gather round and talk. A moment away from the ordinal day, please surround the IRORI, spend a relaxing time and think of woodlands living.

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囲炉裏で食す鳥取の旬味 Seasonal foods from Tottori at IRORI

There are 3 Types of seat; counter seats, table seats and parlor seats. Since every seat has irori-Style small fireplace you can enjoy cooking at any seat.
We serve the course dishes at dinner time and lunch plate at lunch time; the baked Tottori beef or Shikano Homebred Chicken on cooked rice in a pot.
Please enjoy with your Family and friends.


鳥取和牛まぶし Tottori Wagyu Beef Mabushi

Put "Tottori Wagyu Beef" grilled exquisitely on the top of clay pot cooked rice. After enjoying the soft and excellent taste of Tottori Wagyu Beef, please enjoy different taste with half boiled egg and special dashi soup.
Price: 2,420yen (tax included)

鹿野地鶏まぶし Shikano Homebred Chicken Mabushi

"Shikano Chicken" has thick texture and excellent taste. Grilled over charcoal with sweet and spicy sauce. After mixing with rice cooked in a clay pot, please enjoy it with special dashi soup.
Price: 1,760yen (tax included)

鳥取地鶏親子丼 Tottori Oyako Don

「鳥取地鶏・親子丼」 金額:1,100円(税込)
「鳥取地鶏・親子丼~炙り~」 金額:1,320円(税込)

This is the “Oyakodon” consisting of soft runny egg(using 3 eggs), chewy and juicy chicken and a warishita with spreading the fragrance of dashi. We also have Aburi Oyako Don which has roasted chiken in the bowl.
Oyako Don Price: 1,100yen (tax included)
Aburi Oyako Don Price: 1,320yen (tax included)

天美卵 土鍋卵かけご飯セット Tamago kake gohan set

This lunch set uses our premium egg `Tenbiran`. You can enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast, which is called Tamago kake gohan. You can try 2 types of eggs, a raw egg and a soft boiled egg.
Price: 1,320yen (tax included)
Lunch only

IRORI dinner courses

We offer dinner course cuisine. The main Tottori beef is grilled over charcoal on your own, please enjoy self cooking Style. Meat is exceptional taste that wearing a smell of charcoal.
※Menus differ by dinner course.

営業情報 OPEN

朝食営業時間 Breakfast
7時〜9時30分 ※宿泊者限定 7:00 am to 9:30 am
ディナー営業時間 Dinner
18時〜20時30分 ※宿泊者限定 6:00 pm to 20:30 pm
JAPANESE BAR Japanese bar
15時〜21時30分 ※宿泊者限定 15:00pm to 21:30 pm)

里山の朝食 Satoyama breakfast

「全てのゲストに最高の朝食」を合言葉に、心を込めた里山の朝食を、宿泊された全てのゲストにご提供させていただきます。土鍋で炊いたご飯と自家農場で採れた新鮮な天美卵の「たまごかけご飯」。その他、だし巻き卵、季節のお魚、地元野菜のお惣菜、味噌汁など自然な味わいをお愉しみいただけます。 "The best breakfast for all guest" is our motto and we serve the breakfast to all guests who stay. Cooked rice in a clay pot and fresh eggs from our farm. Please enjoy "Tamagokake-gohan" which is traditional breakfast in Japanese countryside.
You can also enjoy however winding eggs, seasonal fish, side dish of local vegetables.