Q. 「アリーナ」の日帰りの利用は可能ですか? Can visiters use ARENA?

We can not get any reservation for visiters to use ARENA which is indoor facility with bouldering and trampoline now.

Q. 子供の宿泊料金を教えてください。 Child policy and children rate

・ベッドあり・アメニティ付・食事付 11,500円 
・ベッド無(保護者様と添い寝)・アメニティ付・食事付 5500円 
・ベッド無(保護者様と添い寝)・アメニティ無・食事無 0円(無料) 

Children 6years old and over(same dinner menu as adult) : 80% of adult fee

Children 6years old and over(children dinner menu) : 60% of adult fee

Children between 3 to 6years old
・Use a bed with dinner/breakfast and amenity : 11,500yen (tax included)
Children between 0 to 6years old
・No bed (sharing bed with parents) with dinner/breakfast and amenity : 5,500yen (tax included)
Children under 3years old
・No bed (sharing bed with parents), no meal and no amenity : Free

※We can not arrange loungewear(pajamas) for children under 6years old.
※We also arrange `Satoyama breakfast` for children.
We arrange the same breakfast as adults and Tamago Kake-gohan set for children 6 years and over. We arrange a small bento box for children with meal.

Q. キャンセル料はいつから発生しますか? Cancellation fee

ご宿泊日の3日前より発生いたします。キャンセル料として下記をご負担いただきます。 How is cancellation policy of my booking?

不泊 宿泊料金の100%
当日 宿泊料金の 80%
前日 宿泊料金の 50%
2~3日前 宿泊料金の 30%
We will charge the cancellation fee in the case of cancelltion from 3 days before check-in date. The guest will pay the cancellation fee below.

No-show : 100% of total room rate
On the day of arrival : 80% of total room rate
1 day before : 50% of room rate
From 2 to 3 days before : 30% of total room rate

Q. チェックイン・チェックアウトは何時ですか? What time check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from 3pm check-out is until 10am.
We can not arrange early check in and late check out now.

Q. チェックイン前・チェックアウト後の荷物預かりは可能ですか? Is it possible to leave my luggage before check-in and after check out?

You can leave your luggage at the reception desk before check-in and after check-out.
You can send your luggage to our hotel before arrival.Please mention your check-in date and reservation name on your shipping label.

Q. アメニティはありますか? What kinds of amenities are in the room?

タオル類(今治タオル) / ボディタオル / ルームウェア /スリッパ / 歯ブラシセット / 髭剃り / ヘアブラシ / コットンセット / オーガニックシャンプー&コンディショナー / オーガニックボディウォッシュ / ドリップコーヒー、お茶類 / ミネラルウォーター を全てのお部屋にご用意しております。
We prepare amenities in all rooms below.
Towels(Imabari towel)/wash cloth/loungewear(pajamas)/slippers/toothbrush and toothpaste/shaver/ hairbrush/cotton bud/organic shampoo and organic conditioner/organic shower gel/ drip coffee and tea/ bottle of water
※We prepare M or L size of loungewear for adults and S size of loungewear for kids.
We have from S size to LL size of loungewear.
If you request the size of loungewear, please inform our staff at the reception desk.

Q. 喫煙は可能ですか? Can I smoke in the room?

全室禁煙です。喫煙は、共有の喫煙ルームをご利用ください。 We do not allow smoking in all guest rooms. Guests can smoke in the smoking area only.

Q. 館内はバリアフリーですか? Is this hotel barrier-free?

Our hotel is barrier-free.
We have one universal design room. You can use the lift to go to the other floor.
We have one handicapped space in front of the hotel entrance.

Q. 駐車場はありますか? Do you have parking space?

We have free parking space (70 spaces) for our guests.
We also have one handicapped space in front of the hotel entrance.
Please do not park your car in front of the hotel entrance except for loading and unloading your luggages.