鳥取市から車で20分ほどの雄大な自然に囲まれた鳥取県八頭町。中でも緑豊かな山々に囲まれ、清流も流れる稀有な自然環境を有する場所にある大江ノ郷リゾート内に、閉校になった小学校を宿泊施設として蘇らせたのがOOE VALLEY STAY。ここにしかない大江の豊かな自然や食文化を楽しめるとともに、ここから鳥取のあらゆる魅力を体験し尽くせる旅の拠点です。 Yazu Town in Tottori Prefecture which is surrounded by the magnificent nature about 20 minutes by car from Tottori downtown. Among them, Oenosato resort is in a location that has a rare natural environment surrounded by mountains and near a clear stream. A closed elementary school in such a place was revived as a hotel: OOE VALLEY STAY. You can enjoy the rich nature and unique food culture of Oe. This is the base place of your trip to experience and enjoy all around Tottori.

宿泊 Stay

OOE VALLEY STAYは、緑豊かな山間で静かな時の流れを感じながらご滞在いただける里山リゾートホテルです。満天の星空を眺め、山から聞こえる小鳥や鹿の鳴き声を聞きながら、非日常を感じていただけます。そのため、客室にはテレビを置いておりませんのであらかじめご了承ください。また客室はジュニアスイートやスタンダードルームに加え、ご家族やグループ旅行に人気のロフト4など様々なお部屋をご用意しています。OOE VALLEY STAYで大切な方と大切な時間をお過ごしください。 OOE VALLEY STAY is a resort hotel surrounded by woodlands to stay feeling the flow of quiet time. Looking at the starry sky, while listening to the birds and deer voice from the mountains, you can feel the extraordinary. Therefore, please understand beforehand that it does not have a TV in the room. It has wide variety of room types such as junior suites, standard twin rooms and double rooms and loft 4 room for group and family stay. Please spend special time with your loved ones in the OOE VALLEY STAY.

食事 Meal

We serve the satoyama breakfast to all guests who stay. Please enjoy Tembi egg on rice that we proud of and local vegetables.
In addition, we offer a IRORI cuisine cooked carefully using the Tottori local ingredients in the dining restaurant IRORI. You can enjoy local sake and craft beer carefully made in Tottori which we selected from more than 10 of breweries. As the name suggests, all seats have IRORI and we hope guests to have a great conversation around IRORI and connect with other guests. Please enjoy the grace of woodlands and villages.

体験 Experience

OOE VALLEY STAYは、鳥取の自然環境の中で思いっきり遊び、いろいろな体験をしていただく「基地」のような場所になりたいと思っています。タケノコ堀りや田植え、稲刈り体験などの農作物に触れる活動、自分で手を動かして試行錯誤しながら創造力を育む活動などを企画しています。驚きや発見!そして自分でできた喜びや感動…。里山の暮らしの楽しさや豊かさを存分にご体験していただきます。 OOE VALLEY STAY is trying to be base place for you to experience and learn a lot of things while spending time in nature of Tottori of the natural environment.
We are planning and activities that foster creativity through trial and error by moving the hand on your own and activities in which you touch on crops such as bamboo shoot harvesting, rice planting and harvesting. Surprise and discovery! And joy and excitement by doing something yourself.... Please experience fully the joy and richness of life of the woodlands and villages.