はじめに Introduction

有限会社ひよこカンパニー(以下、「当社」といいます)は、個人情報の保護を社会的責務であると考え、お客様に安心してご利用いただけるようお客様の個人情報を厳重に保管、管理致します。 Hiyoko Company Ltd., (Hereinafter referred as “Our Company”) considers the protection of personal information as our social responsibility and we strictly keep and manage our customer’s personal information so that they use our facility with the sense of security.

個人情報の取扱いの適用範囲 Range of application for the Handling of Personal Information

個人情報の取り扱いについては、お客様が当社へのお申込みやご予約、お問合せ、会員登録などをご利用した際に適用されます。お客様が当社を利用される際に収集された個人情報は、当個人情報の取扱いについての考え方に従い管理されます。 Treatment of the personal information will be applied when customers make an application, a reservation, an inquiry and a registration. Personal information collected when customers use our company’s service will be managed in accordance with our policy of personal information treatment.

個人情報の利用目的 Purpose of use

The company may use personal information and reservation information collected from customers (including information related to customer’s stay reservation) for the purpose of following items.Customers personal information will be never used for any purpose other than accommodation service and following purpose.
(1) To send DM to inform special stay plan, promotional information, new products and services for our customers and for sending information letters, greeting cards, New Year’s cards, etc.
(2) When we make reservation, confirmation of reservation details or changes on behalf of our customer.
(3) To answer customer’s inquiries and send materials requested by customers.
(4) To ask customers to provide their opinions and feedbacks about our services.
(5) To send emails or email magazines.
(6) To respond to opinions and feedback sent by customers.
(7) To use for the purpose which the company contacted the customer get agreement separately.
(8) To make statistical data categorized by customer’s attributes (ages, addresses, etc.).
(9) To improve our service and consider new services.
(10) When there’s other necessary reason to contact our customer.
In addition, if we use customer’s personal information for purposes other than above, we will obtain personal consent for each time.

クッキーに関して About use of Cookies

クッキーとは、お客様についての情報を含むお客様のハードドライブに蓄えられる1つのデータです。クッキーの使用は、当社のウェブサイト上では決して個人特定情報にリンクされません。お客様がクッキーを拒否する場合でもサイトを使用することができます。当社は、不要な情報収集目的でクッキーを利用することはありません。 (当社に限らず)ブラウザのクッキー設定を有効にされておかれることをお薦めします。当社のウェブサイトでは、サイトのユーザービリティーの向上に役立てるためのアクセスログの収集と、お客様がウェブサイトを再度訪れたときに個人情報入力の手間が省け、一層便利に利用していただくために、このクッキーを利用しているページがあります。 Cookie is a data stored on your hard drive which contains your information. On our website, the use of cookie is never linked to your identifiable information of you.You can also use the website even if you refuse these cookies. Our company do not use cookies for the purpose of collecting unnecessary information. Not only for our website, but we recommend that you enable your browser’s cookie setting. For our website, we use these cookies in order to collect access logs to help us improve our website and to make it easy to enter your personal information when revisiting our website.

その他インターネット上のプライバシーに関する確認事項 Other confirmation items regarding privacy on the Internet

(1) Please note that if you voluntarily disclose your personal information on the Internet that anyone can access, such as online message board, that information may be collected and used by others.You must be aware that you are transmitting information at your own responsibility.
(2) The Companies etc. that collect customer’s personal information through third party’s websites, services, prize competitions and promotional activities have their own privacy policies and data collection rules. Our company do not assume any obligation or responsibility for those independent third party’s terms and activities.

個人情報の取扱いの変更及び通知 Changes or Notifications for Handling Rule of Personal Information

当社は、本個人情報の取扱いについての内容を、当社の営業上の必要性、新法令の施行、既存法令の改正その他の事情により、 事前の予告なく変更することがあります。変更した場合は、本ウェブサイトに掲示し、お知らせします。 ご利用の際には本ページの最新の内容をご確認ください。個人情報、保有個人データ等の取扱いに関するご要望・ご質問等は、個人情報保護方針に関するお問合せ先までお問い合わせください。 Our company may change the handling rule of this personal information without prior notice due to the necessity of our business, the enforcement of new laws, revisions of existing laws and other circumstances. Any changes will be posted on our website. Please check the latest rule when you use our facility. If you have any requests or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information and personal data, please contact us below contact detail regarding policy on protection of personal information.

個人情報の管理者及び開示・訂正・削除 Manager of Personal Information and its Disclosure, Correction and Deletion

当社がお預かりするお客様の個人情報に関して、開示・訂正・削除を希望される場合の連絡先を下記に示します。開示・訂正・削除を希望される場合は、電話、Eメールでご連絡ください。その際にはご本人であることを確認させていただきますので、ご了承ください。 If you wish to disclose, correct or delete your personal information our company collected, please contact us below. Please contact us by phone or email if you wish to disclose, correct or delete your personal information. In that case, please note that our company will confirm your identity.

個人情報保護方針に関するお問合せ先 Contact details for inquiries of the Policy on Protection of Personal Information

Hiyoko Company Limited.,
Division of Management Creation
877 Hashimoto, Yazu Town, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture, 680-0414
+81 858 73 8211