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irori dining irori dining
irori dining irori dining

A refreshing satoyama morning like hearing birdsong. We prepare a healthy breakfast for all guests at the dining restaurant IRORI, where the bright sun shines.
Lined up in a special tray made with Tottori's Chizu cedar is a menu of additive-free seasoning, including hand-made side dishes. That day, we will cook with all your heart so that you can spend a whole day richly.

採れたて、天美卵のたまごかけご飯。 Very fresh Tenbiran Tamagokake gohan.

里山の朝食といえば、やっぱり食べたい「たまごかけご飯」。自家牧場で平飼いでのびのび暮らす鶏達が産み落とした「天美卵」は、黄身はとろ~り濃厚、ぷるんとした白身もおいしく、コクを感じながらも後味はすっきり。卵は生卵と温玉からお選びいただけます。 Speaking of traditional breakfast in farm village in Japan, you can't miss "Tmagokake gohan". The "Tebbi Egg" that was laid out by cage free chickens in our own ranch has a thick yolk and a thick, plump white meat. The aftertaste is rich and refreshing. You can choose from raw eggs and a little bit boild eggs.

無農薬の鳥取県産こしひかりの土鍋ご飯 Pesticide-free Koshihikari rice from Tottori Prefecture cooked in earthen pot.

ご飯には、鳥取県気高町、梅実(うめざね)さんが生産される有機栽培こしひかりを使用しています。平成の名水百選に選ばれた「布勢の清水」がそのまま流れ込む水田で育てられた米は、ねばり・つや・香りが抜群。土鍋で炊いた熱々のご飯をご用意いたします。 We provide organically grown Koshihikari rice produced by Mr. Umezane in Kedaka-cho, Tottori Prefecture. Rice grown in paddy fields where the "Fuse no Shimizu", which was selected as one of 100 great waters in Japan in Heisei era, flows as it is, has outstanding stickiness, gloss and aroma. We prepare hot rice cooked in a clay pot.

職人技が光る、だし巻き卵。 Dashimaki roll (Japanese-style rolled omelette) with craftsmanship.

真昆布をはじめ、宗田節やあご節な八種類の天然素材からとった出汁に三河みりん、醤油などを加えただし汁を合わせ、特注の銅鍋で職人が1本1本丁寧に手焼きをしています。だし巻き卵は大根おろしを添えて。 Mikawa mirin, soy sauce, etc. are added to soup stock from eight kinds of natural ingredients such as Makonbu, Sodabushi and Agobush. It is. Dashi roll with grated radish.

鳥取の自然をありのままに Original taste of food from nature in Tottori

自然豊かな場所で育まれた、旬の野菜には特別なおいしさがあります。そのため、素材本来の旨味を感じられるよう、化学調味料を使わずに調理をしています。ひと手間かけて、野菜の甘み、風味を引き出した素材のおいしさを感じてください。 Seasonal vegetables grown in natural rich places have a special taste. For this reason, we do not add ingredients like chemical seasonings so that we can feel the original flavor of the ingredients. We cook carefully to bring out the sweetness and flavor of vegetables. Please feel deliciousness of ingredients.