9月8日 伝統芸能に出逢う、フェス開催 Traditional arts festival on September 8.

9月8日 伝統芸能に出逢う、フェス開催


開催日 2019年9月8日(日)入場無料
開演 13時30分~(終演予定15時30分)
場所 オオエバレーステイ 体育館



Ningyojoruri is performing arts to manipulate the doll to fit the narrative and shamisen. This time three amateur theatrical group that remain in Tottori will gather and hold the “4th Tottori puppet festival”.
 In addition, the puppeteer “Kanroku” who work to pursue the possibility of a doll and Japanese musical instrument players who represent Japan will hold “Japanese traditional arts session ~Dedicated to nature of Oe”.
We hope that this place will be a place where people enjoy the wonderful culture with regional characteristics together and create new things. By all means, please enjoy watching dolls dancing as if they lived and listening to Japanese musical instruments in a dignified air in this opportunity.
Date: Sunday, September 8th, 2019
Admission fee: free
Start time: 1:30 pm
End time: 3:30 pm
Location: OOE VALLEY STAY Arena
For more information such as repertoire, please click here.