OOE VALLEY STAY 7月20日オープン OOE VALLEY STAY opens on July 20.

OOE VALLEY STAYは7月20日(土)グランドオープンいたします。

【オープニングセレモニー 10:00~】

OOE VALLEY STAY opens on July 20 (Sat) newly.
Experience and adventure that can be done only in Tottori, healing in mountains and starry sky and rich seafood and local vegetables. This is the base place of your trip to experience and enjoy all around Tottori. Please spend a pleasant holiday in the woodlands resort where people coexist with nature.
 [Opening Ceremony from 10am]
Local Oe people will show their traditional Japanese dance. Please enjoy the performance of hand dance that is the traditional arts of Oe, and the gorgeous Japanese dance.